Motivations Unlimited offers an exciting collection of 21st Century information products, services, and ideas to upgrade your life and your lifestyle – expand your consciousness and your personal power – and unleash your full personal and financial potential.

We offer a wide selection of life-changing digital, audiobooks, to download and listen

  • Enhance your physical and mental capabilities
  • Expand your knowledge and experience
  • Elevate your career, your hobby, or your passion
  • Enrich your personal wealth and success
  • Change your Life for the better

Your Unlimited Potential 

Within each of us is a seed of unlimited power. This power is an unlimited potential that awaits us to stimulate and bring forth whatever we desire, whatever we want in our World. No one can do this for us. Each of us must do it ourselves.

An effective way to stimulate our unlimited potential is to align our conscious and subconscious beliefs. When we speak and act as if our conscious and subconscious minds’ beliefs are the same, then truly we have unlimited potential.

For many people, one of our recordings is the catalyst for greater things. Whether is it a self-hypnosis, a subliminal recording, or a motivational recording?  For you were born with the desire to express your unlimited potential. You have the keys to unlock the door. What Motivations – Unlimited provides the necessary programs for you to succeed.

1. Self-Hypnosis Recordings


2. Subliminal Persuasion Recording


It works by reprogramming your subconscious mind. When your subconscious programming is positive, your life is positive.

3. Inspiration Recordings


We offer a comprehensive list of great inspirational recordings. From legends in the Sales industry to the leading speakers from across the English-speaking nations of the World. As you listen and get inspired, your thought processes will release your enthusiastic mind for changes within you. As most recordings require regular listening, please allow at least 30 days of continuity listening, allowing your thought processes to change for your betterment.


Our audio programs are available for instant download at the moment of purchase. Our products delivered to your device in seconds – anywhere in the world – free of any delivery cost. All our audio programs are delivered in the universal, unencrypted MP3 audio format for maximum convenience and ease of use.

Our Recordings use the ORIGINAL AUTHOR’s OWN NARRATION where possible

Delivered in High-Quality Stereo Audio Mp3 

Motivation Unlimited Audio programs offer the benefits of listening to an Audio book interpreted in the author’s own voice, allowing the transfer of the original meaning – conveying deeper understanding and insight than the printed word alone can not deliver. Our standard for sound recording quality is one of the highest in the industry. Stereo voice, music, and audio graphics (sound effects) combine to deliver a crisp, satisfying, and highly intelligible performance of the work.


Portable Devices – iPods, Mp3 Players, and Smartphones

Downloads are 100% compatible with virtually all modern digital audio player devices.  They also work seamlessly with 99.9% of the hundreds of free and paid audio player smartphone apps that you’ll find at the Apple I-Tunes and Google Play stores.

In your Vehicle

For in-vehicle use, most late-model cars and trucks come with a built-in USB port and Blue Tooth capability. Where these are not present, inexpensive after-market devices can be retrofitted to car audio systems to provide USB port and/or Blue Tooth access.  So, you can upload your Mp3 recording to a flash drive or stream it through your smartphone and listen while you drive.

At home 

Our audio programs are easy to integrate with your home sound system.  Nearly any device with a USB port can play our Audio Books effortlessly. Home devices with Blue Tooth capability can stream our A-book audio through your stereo system or smart TV sound system. Audio Books are also designed to be fully compatible with many SmartHome devices – allowing you to play an of our sound programs on demand. Compatible devices include:

  • Amazon Echo [Alexa], plus Amazon Tap and Amazon Dot
  • Google Home
  • Apple Siri Home Kit
  • Sonos Play
  • Plus many other devices are now in production, or pre-release

Our Audio recordings will also play instantly on all computers, tablets, and other devices running any modern operating system (such as Windows or Mac OS) as well as in the following browsers: Apple SafariInternet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, or any browser with HTML5 support.

  • Unlike physical books and CDs that can be lost, stolen, or destroyed, Motivations Unlimited’s free Perpetual Ownership Assurance Program protects all your audio programs and apps for a lifetime. As devastating as a computer hard disk crash, a stolen laptop, or a dropped smartphone can be, Perpetual Ownership allows you to download a replacement copy of your purchases … Free! Just log in to your account and select the desired items, to restore your digital library instantly.
  • New products are constantly being added 


Business Opportunity

In today’s unsecure society, with rising inflation, the cost of living, and job insecurity, more and more people are looking for a 2nd income. Motivations Unlimited offers the opportunity of a 2nd income by becoming an Affiliate.

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