MLM Business Opportunity

Motivational-Unlimited & Future World UK Business Opportunity 


Your own information Business

This is an invitation to start your own international information marketing business, featuring state-of-the-art information packages as featured within this website.

In his best-selling book “Megatrends” John Neisbitt cites “Information” as the number one business commodity of the future. The highest markup and the highest profits at the lowest possible risk.

Direct Sales

This program combines the most profitable elements of Direct Marketing with “Multi-Level-Marketing” Using a futuristic approach that you or just about anyone else in the world can use to earn an immediate income.. without ever leaving home

The key to the program is the WorldWideWeb via email, referrals, and word of mouth. By becoming a Future World agent, you can communicate news of its products via sales from the website,

Each sale that you generate will bring you a commission of 50% (This portion of the program is not Multi-Level in nature. All the commissions generated by your referrals go directly to you. But this is only half of the Future World’s) potential.

The Multi-Level Bonus

This is the second income package in the Future World program. These bonuses are based on the sales of the future fortune audio recording programs. (These are the state-of-the-art downloads that include many of the existing programs that can be purchased on the website.) Each recording presents an hour-long seminar on subjects of vital interest to small business owners and multi-level/network marketing professionals. These recordings are presented by some of the World’s most successful men and women that will affect your income and success.

The market for some of these recorded programs is enormous. More than 15 million people are actively engaged in multi-level marketing throughout the English-speaking world, and countless more are involved in small home-operated businesses. Millions more would like to start a business of their own, all these are potential Future Fortune customers.

The Future Fortune Marketing Plan

The sale of just one recording each month is required of each agent in order to be “active”  to receive all commissions & bonuses generated by the month’s business transactions. The qualifying FF recordings sales pay no commission to the seller. Instead, it pays a multi-level “bonus”  at each up to seven levels, beginning with the “sponsor” of the agent who made the sale and extending upwards through six additional levels. (Any FF recordings sold after the initial qualifying sale pay a commission of £5 (50%) to the seller. The FF recordings sell for £9.99

Bonus Level

Though there is no financial benefit in sponsoring, per se, each new active agent you personally sponsor qualifies you for one additional level of bonuses. The number of bonus levels you are qualified to receive is referred to as your “Mark Number” An agent that has personally sponsored five agents of his own (who are each currently active) is a “Mark 5” and eligible to receive bonuses five levels deep.

An agent that has sponsored at least seven currently active agents attains the Mark 7, the highest bonus position available. As you will note from the chart below, “Mark 7” receives the listed bonus on the qualifying sales of FF recordings through seven levels. At this rank, with a theoretical potential of 7x7x7x7x7x7x7 Therefore agents who are actively recruiting the monthly income could become substantial.

Active Agents will receive a monthly summary of their business activity and earnings for the month via email and their designated webpage, ie www.future-world/idnumber Agents are also notified of each personal sale and potential new agent recruited via the website.

The Ultimate MLM Business

If you were to design your own “dream company” – one with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks – the result would closely resemble Future World. A company created with you in mind. Its information product line will always be modern, and its 75% bonus structure leads the MLM industry. The marketing plan is simple but powerful. Membership for “MLM Success Seminar customers are free”  including a designated webpage is Free. And, best of all, you never need to handle or stock merchandise, yet your customers enjoy the convenience of ordering online almost  anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day

Accept this Invitation to participate in the ultimate network company of tomorrow today.

How to build a successful Future World Network

With the future World system, it is possible to create a substantial information marketing business that can operate from your home in your spare time. The key to success is to: establish a strong, enthusiastic team of agents, that can teach doing likewise.

Here is how to do it


Get a copy of the “MLM SUCCESS SEMINAR”  (Order Here)


Review the Success Seminar carefully. It is the key to the Future World Program, and to MLM in general. In addition to the four 1 hour recordings, and  MLM manuals, this package contains everything you need to become a successful Future World Agent/Communicator.


Launch your own, personal Future World marketing campaign, using the techniques you like best from all the options presented in the Success Seminar. Build your base of customers and agents locally, nationally, or internationally by sharing your personal webpage. You may prefer to use word to mouth, email marketing, classified ads, or display ads to reach customers and potential agents.


As your downline of agents begins to grow, it is important to “duplicate yourself! By training them to communicate the MLM opportunity through advertising channels, you’ve used, and to train their downline people to do likewise. When you have duplicated yourself through three levels of depth, your marketing organization will begin to grow rapidly on its own. When your fourth level is filled, your role will shift from recruiting and marketing to management, primarily. By helping your downline agents to fill your fifth level, you should expect to begin about travel and the enjoyment of the other benefits that come from developing a successful marketing organization and earning a substantial monthly income.

Less ambitious individuals may even choose to retire in comfort at this point. But, those who persevere in filling their sixth and seventh level can expect to acquire considerable wealth..equal with  the 1% of the nation’s financial achievers. This is the Future World Opportunity.

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