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MindWriter Subliminal

Use the Power of Subliminal Persuasion to Reshape your Body, Transform Your Mind, and Change Your Life into Anything You Desire!

Subliminals have such an irresistible influence on the human subconscious that in most countries their use in advertising messages is absolutely prohibited. Traditionally, sub-audio messages have been concealed from the listener beneath on over mask of music or ocean waves to avoid detection. But, numerous studies have shown that unmasked auditory messages are many times more effective, and work far more rapidly.

The MindWriter Subliminal Series draw aside the veil of secrecy by offering a broad spectrum of subliminal audio presentations in the revolutionary new Zero-Masking format. Unlike other subliminal programs, that mask their subliminal messages with ocean waves or music, you can turn up the volume of MindWriter Subliminals and actually “hear” these sub-audible messages clearly.

This allows you to preview what your subconscious will be hearing and responding to. Then, when you’re ready to use them, turn the volume down to just below audible level, and let the irresistible whispers reshape your subconscious mind in any way you desire. Unlike conventional music-masked programs, you can listen to MindWriter Subliminal audio tracks anywhere – at home, at the office, in your car, boat, aeroplane, even while watching TV! Best of all, there’s no need to set aside time to listen to MindWriter Subliminals. It’s easy to let them work for you constantly, all day without disrupting your work or other activities, or even all night, without disturbing your sleep.

The latest version of The MindWriter Series, adds multiple tracks, offering you the choice of several new variations in the subliminal presentations, including a Male or Female format 



Unleash the Latent Super-Power Memory Within Your Mind

Eliminate the mental habits and distractions that contribute to forgetting as you strengthen your ability to retain and recall all types of information at near photographic levels.

Superior-Memory-MP3 (Audio)  £9.99





Unleash a Reservoir of Newfound Personal Energy and Vibrant Health

Learn to awaken your inner source of limitless energy, strength and personal vitality.

Super-Energy-and-Vitality-MP3 (Audio)   £9.99






Unleash your Ability to Read with Speed and Learn With Efficiency

Learn to read as fast as you can turn the pages with improved comprehension. Learn to control the ability that nearly everyone possesses to increase your reading speed by 66% to 250% by simply erasing mental inhibitions to high-speed data input.

Faster-Reading-MP3 (Audio)   £9.99




Harness Your Inner Ability to Speak with Force, Confidence and Power

Hold audiences in the palm of your hand by unleashing the powerful, persuasive speaker within you.

Powerful-Persuasive-Speaking-MP3 (Audio)   £9.99




Harness Your Inner Ability to Speak with Force, Confidence and Power

Learn to Make Goal-Setting a Powerful and Highly Successful Habit

Power-Goal-Setting-MP3 (Audio)   £9.99




Draw Wealth and Success to Yourself Like a Magnet

Unleash your ability to become successful and prosperous by shattering all mental barriers and dispelling subconscious fear of success. Attain any financial goal that you set for yourself.

Success-Prosperity-and-Money-MP3 (Audio)  £7.99




Discover the Creative Genius that Dwells Within You Unleash newfound levels of creativity and imagination to explore new pathways, discover new abilities, reveal solutions and see everything from remarkable new perspectives.




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