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Welcome to my amazing Mind Matters course  which includes sub-conscious persuasion. Within this series you will be led into the wonder world of the mind and psychological awareness, learning as you go.  Building into a twelve part course giving you the tools of mastering the art of persuasion. This course  will change your life forever or your money back!
This course is
an adaptation from my tape series Mind Matters selling and persuading below the threshold of conscious awareness.
It is your birth-right to obtain all that you desire in life. Whether its riches such as money, diamonds or gold or perhaps material things such as property, real estate, land, sport cars or more. Maybe you want intangible things such as tropical holidays, voyages around the world, or It could be that you desire fame and fortune or maybe just peace of mind, love health and happiness. Whatever you truly want and desire could be yours. You have in your possession the keys to unlock that golden door to your subconscious mind and achieve anything your heart desires.
This course is  just the catechism for greater things. Let me start at the very beginning and read through the pages and be absorbed for what will expound before you, as we indulge into the secret depths of the  mind.     

    The awakening                                                        
(how I discovered psychological selling and persuading)     
    Psychology of mind                                              
(Psychology of mind The basis of thought control and why we are all in two minds)                                         
    Programming the first steps to success                      
(Programming the first steps to success. And how to programme the human bio computer)                                                 


    Below the threshold of consciousness                    
(Below the threshold of consciousness. How you can read a persons mind and thoughts)                                                   

    Memory training for success            
(Memory and memory training techniques)    


     The everlasting sale
(The everlasting sale. Sell and persuade below the threshold of conscious awareness. Including body language)


   Personality types &  Face reading  
(Personality types and basic face reading)

   The art of successful listening  Shutting-up and persuading                         
(The art of successful listening. Shutting-up and persuading)

      Sell your story, techniques
(Sell your story, tried and tested techniques on selling)    

 10.  PSYCHOLOGICAL ANCHORING                                 
       Subconscious mind control                             
(Subconscious mind control techniques)    
      Vitamins for the brain                    
(Food for thought, vitamins and minerals for the brain)

12. CONCLUSION      
     Concluding with a summary of the course                             
(Plus Afterwarning)

My statement

By having studied and practiced psychology for over 50 years, I am prepared to reveal secrets to you that have never been dared to put into print before. Disclosure by the psychiatry profession will not begin to teach or reveal the secrets within this book. Some may say that this book is perhaps too controversial, yet in the right context, this like many other motivational books is only to help my fellow man who perhaps has been longing to rise, like the Phoenix from the ashes of depravity to gain great heights.


With countless years of trial and tribulation, and studies with an accumulation of diplomas, and sales awards. Combined with the first-hand experience, I have made this book into an easy-to-read information manual, on working psychology. Gleamed mainly from the studies of the brain and psychological behaviour, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy teaching, sale techniques, and human social habits.

Having the inner knowledge, and the ability to persuade other human beings into responding to your whim is perhaps one of the greatest gifts a person could empower.
Your commitment
Have you the commitment and the heart to follow through with what will expound before you within this book, and become a great salesperson and persuader, having all that you desire in life? I surely hope so. For within this lifetime works, you will discover the workings of the unconscious mind, and how to manipulate it to your advantage below the conscious level of awareness. You will understand the basic psychology of human thinking as well as your own thought process. Perhaps releasing the arbitrary thinking of your own limitations.

Are you ready to grasp the knowledge that is put before you, within this book?
Perhaps you are happy to live in your own mundane existence, or would you prefer to control your own latent talents and the power that you could have overall things before you?

# The inner workings of the conscious and subconscious mind.
#  Read mind thoughts and help you evaluate whether a person is telling you the truth.
#  Talk to people on the same wavelength,  below the threshold of consciousness.
#  Influence people, get them to like you, and win them over, even the opposite sex.
#  Persuade others to do what you want, and at the same time let them think it was their own idea.
#  Become a winner and positive thinker, knowing the inner workings of the subconscious and conscious mind.
#  Memorise faces, events, dates, times, and shopping lists, speed up your reading, and double your learning power.
#  Improve your body with mind power, self-healing techniques
#  Spot negative and positive body language, and learn non-verbal communication.
#  Rediscover the sixth sense and at the same time help develop the other five.
#  Make the principles of psychology easy for you to apply in your daily contacts.

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